About Us


Founded in 2019, deVINE was born from the collective vision of three friends determined to redefine perceptions around cannabis, health, and wellness.

Sergey Kuperman, transitioning from a career in software sales, felt compelled to pursue his true passions: natural remedies and aiding others. Establishing his first company Wave Hemp in 2018, he aimed to offer a natural solution for individuals grappling with joint pain, anxiety, inflammation, and more. Parker Correnti, another co-founder, discovered his fervor for health and wellness during frequent visits to the Los Angeles area. Struck by the emphasis on health-centric living within the West Coast community, he questioned why such practices weren't as embraced in Boston, fueling the inception of deVINE.

Central to their mission was the desire to cater to all genders. Recognizing the prevalence of skincare and over the counter topicals laden with unpronounceable chemicals, Sergey and Parker were driven to find innovative solutions. Parker's sister, Colby, an esteemed licensed esthetician, became an integral part of the team. With her expertise in product ingredient research and development, Colby illuminated the path forward for deVINE. Her personal journey with fibromyalgia, a condition causing chronic pain, served as a testament to the transformative power of holistic alternatives. Embracing a holistic approach to her symptoms changed her life, reinforcing her dedication to deVINE's mission upon joining the team.

Thus, deVINE emerged, fueled by the passion of three entrepreneurs united in their commitment to destigmatize cannabis and champion holistic wellness.