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Obama Runtz Indica Flower

Obama Runtz Indica Flower

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Obama Runtz THCA, a cerebral indica-dominant hybrid, delivers a balanced and euphoric high with potent cerebral stimulation and a soothing body feel. With its unique blend of pine, fruit, and skunk flavors, it’s an ideal choice for those seeking a creatively inspiring and calming experience.

Obama Runtz is a masterful cross of Runtz x OG Kush x Afghani, bringing together some of the most revered genetics in the cannabis world. Ideal for relaxation and stress relief. 

Boasting a remarkable 31% THCA content, Obama Runtz is a potent choice for those seeking the full benefits of hemp. Its high grade ensures a pure, unadulterated experience with every use.

Flavors- Fruity, Sweet, Woody

Effects- Calming, Balanced Hungry

THC-A - 31%
∆9-THC- 0.225%
CBGa- 0.552%

Total THC- 31.9%

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